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Official Soap Box Derby Website

The host organization for the Soap Box Derby is Pack 216 at Nunaka Elementary School

Other Derby Car Sites Soap Box Derby Mania

Derby Tech

Great Alaska Soap Box Derby

Watch a Soap Box Derby Heat below!!
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Soap Box Derby for 56K Modems

We are contemplating on whether to hold the Soap Box Derby this year.

The last Great Alaska Soap Box Derby was in 2000 and with great success. We hope to see more people participat in the Soap Box Derby this year. So if you or someone you know would like to fund or participate in the Great Alaska Soap Box Derby please E- Mail us at astpm2@gci.net.

To know more about the derby go to the favorite links and find the soap box derby section or read the section below.

What is Soap Box Derby?
Soap box derby is a race of none motorized cars that are bought from The Official Soap Box Derby. there are three soap box derby races avalible, which are stock cars, super stock, and master division. Stock and superstock can be puchased only from The Official Soap Box Derby, were as the Masters division cars have to be completely homemade. In the Great Alaska Soap Box Derby we only use super stock cars at this time, maybe later when we get more support we'll get more divisions. Well, to get back on track these cars are then propelled down a very smooth hill till they reach the finish line.

Who can participate?
Any child in the ages of 9- 16 years old.

How much does it cost?
To see the exact cost and order form of the Race Car (excluding entry fees) click here to go the the soap box derby website.

What's the entry fee?
The entry fee has yet to be determined, due to unsecured funding and interest at this time.

When will it be held?
It will be held tenatively in June or July, based on funding and interest.

Where is it held?
The Great Alaska Soap Box Derby is held at the front of the old Alaska Railroad Depot. On another note, the road has been recently (june 2001) repaved, so we expect the race to run smoothly.

More Questions?
Then e-mail us at astpm2@gci.net

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